12:26am 06-18-2018
Jane Coomber
By the way the 1841 and 1851 census show James Russell was born in 1836 NOT 1825
12:13am 06-18-2018
Jane Coomber
You may have heard from my sister Caroline Newbold but we are the great granddaughters of Henrietta Russell 1877-1947.
Henrietta was the great granddaughter of George and Bridget Russell.
2:34pm 03-30-2018
Susan Roberts
Thankyou for giving me the greatest privilege of looking through your family history so very well done
11:47am 02-26-2018
Linda Saunders
Hi everyone ! I am Linda Saunders ,I am the Grandaughter of Doris Gwendoline Palmer 1909 ( (who married Frederick William Weide)in 1928.Her father was Ryfealyer Desilver Palmer Jr 1882 ,who was the son of Ryfealer Palmer 1859.I have just seen my Grandparents wedding photo on Ancestry,I have the original photo ! So lovely to see photos of my ancestors !
10:09pm 01-31-2018
Geoff Winfield-Chisl
Hi Ann. I am brother to Mike, below. Just reiterating his comments on your really interesting site. Looking forward to exploring this little known part of our ancestry. Thank you!
8:54pm 01-31-2018
Mike Chislett
hi again - just to add that this is fabulous material for us, on a branch we thought we had little to go on. Bartle George is my mother's great-grandfather. Bartle (says mum) was perhaps vernacular for Bardolph. She remembers her own father (who married Bartle G's grand-daughter Ethel,) referring to Bartle. The photo of the five brothers is priceless. Thanks for sharing all this.
8:37pm 01-31-2018
Mike Chislett
Ann - have just found your page (31 Jan 2018) .... my mother (90) & raised in Outwell is George Russell and Elizabeth Hiam's great-great grand-daughter. I'm going to have to study your pages and see if we can add anything. Unlikely, but I am certain we are going to learn a lot. Best wishes
5:01pm 01-18-2018
D A Feary
Well done in research & compiling.
5:53pm 01-16-2018
Steve Hewitt
Thanks for the update Ann. I'm planning to get further into the Weatherston tree in the next months. Will keep you posted about progress in the Northumberland bit.
3:33pm 11-12-2017
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