1:41pm 03-09-2019
Linda Clark
It's looks really good Annie
12:55pm 03-09-2019
Sergeant Major Cornish thinks you have done a spiffingly good job ! Love the colour and textured background, looks very professional.
11:24am 03-09-2019
HerMaj thinks you have done an amazing job!!
9:36am 03-09-2019
penni currie
looks good Annie
8:35am 03-09-2019
Nice work! I love the YDC page All ready to share on Facebook
Replied on: 4:19pm 05-17-2019

Thank you

7:11pm 01-26-2019
Denise Palmer
Hi Ann, I am Denise Palmer, wife of Neville Anthony Palmer, son of Francisco Charles Parker Palmer. I will be coming to UK in May and would like to drop off our branch of the tree. I am also in touch with Cecily Maud's daughter and hope to send her to this site. Thanks for all the work.
12:36am 12-16-2018
Andrew Turvey
Interested in the Scotts of Hilgay (just adjacent to Upwell & Welney). See and
3:23pm 11-24-2018
Have just been retracing past research after very interesting DNA research.
Roy Palmer and his wife are distant cousins through my great aunt Lizzie Jeffs who became a Palmer. They visited us many years ago to give me family information. So sorry to hear of Barbaras passing.
7:23am 11-22-2018
R. Palmer Heathman

Fascinating to read your research. Thank you. I am Richard, son of Geoffrey Palmer who is son of Ronald who is son of Bertram, son of Lapauldro.
4:07pm 08-28-2018
Ann M.
test message
7:45pm 08-27-2018
David Maris
Dear Ann. Just wanted to say a big thank you for creating these web pages - Fascinating.
My father was Anthony William Palmer Born 1930. The son of William Palmer born 1906, son of Alonzo Palmer who died in the car crash of 1910. As per the inquest records he did not leave his wife provided for after his death and I understand William spent some time in an orphanage in Suffolk. After Williams death in 1932 my grandmother Gladys remarried a Dutchman Cornelius Maris. My father later changed his name by deed poll.
Neither he nor my grandmother ever really spoke about the Palmer side of the family and we knew hardly anything. It was finding the link to your site that has opened up the whole story. We used to joke that my father, sister and myself gained a dark tan very easily in the Summer. Maybe some of Maria's blood still coming through
Thank you again for what you've posted.
9:44pm 08-21-2018
Elaine Palmer
Elaine Palmer, daughter of Roy and Barbara Palmer. Mum passed away in December 2016.
12:26am 06-18-2018
Jane Coomber
By the way the 1841 and 1851 census show James Russell was born in 1836 NOT 1825
12:13am 06-18-2018
Jane Coomber
You may have heard from my sister Caroline Newbold but we are the great granddaughters of Henrietta Russell 1877-1947.
Henrietta was the great granddaughter of George and Bridget Russell.
2:34pm 03-30-2018
Susan Roberts
Thankyou for giving me the greatest privilege of looking through your family history so very well done
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