7:34pm 05-31-2022
Barbara McKay
My great grandmother was Hannah English who was a twin, sister to Martha born in Stoke ferry, daughter of William and Sarah English. I met Roy Palmer from Oldham who was researching his family history and told me of the tragic history of the family of which I was unaware. Hannah married George Groom in 1876. They had a daughter Hannah who married Arthur Pepper, my mum’s maiden name. I need to spend more time recording what I have discovered as it is fascinating.
11:16pm 04-14-2022
Catherine Lloyd
Re: previous post, not inquiring about photos for republishing. Fully understand copyrights and permissions. Thx again.
10:56pm 04-14-2022
Catherine Lloyd
Thank you for posting info and details about Tansley Rust Berry. Descended from Tansley Berry, the 3 yo grand-daughter in the 1851 census. Do you know of any photos/art of the Crown Inn or Berry family? Thx.
9:11pm 12-10-2021
Linda Saunders
Hi ! I am Linda ,the Great Grandaughter of Ryfealyer de Silva Palmer 1882.Ryfealyer had three daughters ,Doris (my Nan) ,Violet and Daisy .Daisy died when she was approximately 21 but I have no idea why she died at such a young age .When I was young I quizzed my Nan on this subject and she would always say she died of “women’s problems” ??? I think she was skirting round the question and I never got a more informative answer,So……..If anyone knows what Daisy died of it would solve a question I’ve been asking for about 55 years now ! 🤔x
9:58pm 10-18-2021
Janice K Bragg
Hi, my name is Janice (Andrews) Bragg. My 2x great grandparents lived in Upwell and were buried in the Upwell Cemetery. I believe they were Baptist. Their names were William Armstrong (1847-1926) and Honor (Mack) Armstrong (1848-1916). Their daughter, Rosa, and her husband, William Henry Staines, emigrated to Canada in 1913. I am very interested in my family's history and many came from the Cambridge, Norfolk, Huntingdonshire area. Such a shame that so many old cemeteries were left forgotten.
8:01pm 10-13-2021
William Smith
Just checking you out again Ann.
Well done for what you have done for local history, keep going.
Bill Smith Outwell
9:14pm 07-16-2021
Roy Taylor
Looking for George Palmer/Annie Hill and children Daisey-Esther and Maud Phoebe (my Mother) circa 1900, London England
8:42pm 07-16-2021
Jeremy Duncan Russel
One of the many Russells
3:15am 06-17-2021
James white
I’m hoping to find information on Edward white’s parents, Edward white is the father of William white the mayflower pilgrim. So all of my research has taken me to wisbech, 1550-1594. If anyone can provide some information on this I’d be grateful. My email is above
8:21pm 02-08-2021
Michael Scott
Hi, Arthur was my Grandfather, we worked together for over 20 years and he never mentioned this so is very interesting for me, but such an horrific accident.

Mike Scott.
3:20pm 02-03-2021
Eileen Newman
My Grandpa was William Bailey from Rossendale in Lancashire, I have also grown up with the story of Stephen and Maria, I am descended through my maternal side my mother being Brenda Grace Bailey Kind Regards a relation how ever distant Eileen Newman (nee Sykes)
11:47pm 01-10-2021
I'll be back...glad to have found your pages
4:07pm 01-02-2021
Mr D.J.Williams
Hi Ann
I am Dave Williams,I have been researching my history for some years.
I have also researched the family of my wife,
Her maiden name was Palmer,originateing in Wiltshire.
The line of ancestry which includes your Palmers is via Hawker
and Scales
My Mother in laws father was James Hawker who married Jane Ann Elizabeth Scale ,Her father ,Alfred Scales married Elizabeth Mattison,
Alfred's father was James Scale who married Elizabeth Dilley nd so on.
to Robert Scales b 1720 in Tivetshall,Norfolk and Richard Dilley b 1540
i came across your name and only ehrn finding pages relised the connection and full nane
Thanks for the informationit contained
3:51pm 12-14-2020
Vanessa Andrews
My paternal grandmother was Maude Russell and her brothers were Stanley, Herbert and Jim. They came from Euximoor. My maiden name was Hunter-Rowe. Would love to hear from anyone else related to this family.
4:02pm 12-04-2020
John Hardman
Still love checking your page. I was wondering if you have done anything further on the Palmer side. I think I found Stephen's (1724) Wife's last name, Crane.
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