12:09pm 10-29-2020
Alison Statham
Thanks for sharing this. I am researching my mum's family who hail in both directions from Pondersbridge. Great to have insight into life in the 19th century
5:43am 08-01-2020
Thank you. Very interesting photos. I have a photo of a group of MTASC soldiers taken at 9 Broad Street Wells outside the store of M. Trudgian and has written on it "our billet". I have two photos of one particular soldier who I am trying to identify. Were in my Grandfathers photo collection
8:42pm 06-27-2020
Colleen Courtney
I believe it could be possible Maria was Jewish
There is still an old Jewish area frim where she cane from
Probably why they had to wait to get to London to Mary
Have you found any birth papers for there son Stephen in Portugal ?
1:10pm 06-19-2020
Hi Ann. Brian, my husband, I believe is your distant cousin and you corresponded with Brian’s cousin Carole Palmer back
in 2003 re family history. We are trying to find out more about Brian’s grandparents, Harry and Annie. Any chance you could e mail me on By the way our son Chris lives in Tywyn Gwynedd! Thanks Sue Palmer
1:50am 05-08-2020
Thanks for the update.
Well done, nice to know that you have now confirmed our findings from 2007.
I hope you are enjoying updating and possibly researching further into your families history. Hope you dad is still keeping well.
11:24am 04-30-2020
Judy Brodie
Ann, what an amazing site you have created. A huge congratulations on the work and the dedication you have put into it. I had a look at the Palmer side, but no links with the Palmer connections in my tree. Looking forward to seeing the new scans coming on the cost of keeping pigs in 1908-1911 and 1912-1914. It is all learning...about our ancestors times. Thank you for inviting us in. Regards Judy x
5:56pm 03-30-2020
Russ Judge
Just read through emails, I have the dimple mentioned by Stu and I tan very easily and on a couple of Spanish holidays have been taken for a local. Fascinating info cheers Russ
5:55pm 03-30-2020
Russ Judge
Just read through emails, I have the dimple mentioned by Stu and I tan very easily and on a couple of Spanish holidays have been taken for a local. Fascinating info cheers Russ
5:07pm 03-30-2020
Russ Judge
I am just dropping this stone into the Palmer pond. My mother is Beryl Palmer, sisters Avryl recently passed, Dominica. Father Kenneth Dominic Francisco Palmer father Francisco Charles Parker Palmer. I know Mervyn and his family, also from long ago in the past, 50 years ago , we visited Gt Aunt Cis and Milly and family maybe associated with visits from Palmer family from South Africa. I have recently been in touch with Bobbie/ Roberta. I met, again years ago, Gt Aunt Renee and her daughter Linda. My cousin Nicola Williams daughter of Avryl is also very interested in the family tree. We would love to hear from any living Palmers and associates and hear your stories and get copies of documents and photos . I am on Facebook , living in Bristol, also what's app, and messenger. Looking forward to hearing from anyone out there, many thanks Russ
5:35pm 03-28-2020
Hi Anne, a long time since we met, I trust you and your family are well in these trying times. I tried to email you with a query re my Grandma Olive Palmer but no response, are you still using If not do you have another address? I think the query is to long for the guestbook. Regards Glenn Ivett
2:00pm 03-22-2020

On Mother’s Day we have just seen your page. I am Nicky Russell, daughter of Duncan Russell, who is the son of Donald Russell from Salters lode, son of William and Ann.
I have lots of pictures I would like to share!
8:59pm 03-04-2020
anthony palmer
Hello Stu
I am your second cousin, my dad is Phillip Palmer son of Algy Palmer, grandad had Palmers perfect potato crisps and then the fish and chips which was carried on by my father who still lives in the family home in Hilgay. I wish you had cold called last year as it would have been good to meet. Malcolm is also cousin and i'm sure he would have been equally glad to meet. If you come this way again you must come and see us and we will discuss our connections over a pint.
10:17am 11-19-2019
marion ingram
I would like to add to stu's comments ..the meeting after all these years
couldn't have gone better . We got on like a house on fire .Reliving happy days spent at aunt Cis's caravan ...The only kind of holiday we were likely to get in those days !It was lovely to meet Ann & to hear about their life in France . Hope to stay in touch ,thanks to your excellent website !!
11:14pm 11-18-2019
We returned to France having spent a lovely day with you, my cousin, Marion. Bryan is a great guy and made us laugh. it was good to put names to the photos of family and a pie and a pint after.To think of the many times passed your door and didn't know you where there.
Ann loved being there and I left with a lump in my throat , sad to be leaving and for the missing years.
Having a borrowed name all my life I am grateful for kind words and will never be able to eat a packet of crisps again without thinking of you and wondering what a Palmers Perfect tastes like.hahaha xx
11:47pm 11-14-2019
Vanessa Andrews
My maiden name was Hunter-Rowe and I was born in Upwell. My paternal grandmother was Maud Russell from Euximoor. She had brothers names, Herbert, Stanley and Jim from my memory. I was born to her son Russell Hunter-Rowe in 1952. I am still in touch with my Dad’s sister’s children, John and Jennifer Scott, both from Upwell and the children of Edna. Just FYI.
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